Fast Casual Peruvian Style Chicken

Pollo Depot is a small business, family owned restaurant who serves authentic peruvian-style charbroiled rotisserie chicken. Our unique process consists of brining our chicken for 24 hours to ensure the chicken is moist on the inside yet crispy on the outside.  Then we marinate the chicken for another 24 hours with our special combination of herbs and spices. We skew and slow cook our chickens in our special charcoal ovens. Our chicken is always fresh, NEVER frozen.  
Our signature green and yellow sauces are made from scratch and the perfect topping for our juicy, crispy, healthy chicken.

Pollo Depot also offers authentic peruvian- styled platters as well as burritos, bowls, quesadillas, salads, subs, sandwiches and desserts. We have a diverse offering of sides that makes for a perfect combination with any of our menu options.  

Our team wants to make sure your experience at Pollo Depot is one for the books! We strive to be your go-to spot and hope to build familiar relationships that keep you wanting to come back for more! Just remember to #lookforthechicken!